Topic 3 – Hello again…

Hello again! About two months after ONL 191 course, here I am writing my point of view for topic 3. It is interesting come back to the concepts we studied together with our colleagues from Group 3 and this topic was important because brought some concepts that we face in our academical work. Group work is not so collaborative as we would like to be because there are many characteristics that are crucial to be considered before you will conduct a group work. Thinking about this we could investigate the differences between collaboration and cooperation, discover the role of motivation in the process, discuss how diminish the social loafing and improve curiosity, creating mechanisms to favor the feeling of becoming part of a learning community. One conclusion we had is that recognizing skills and weaknesses is an important part of arranging the collaborative work, because then one can do what he/she do best as a member of the group. In our PBL group work for this topic we choose to focus on motivation, communication strategies, curiosity and sense of community to talk about online networked collaboration.

Sobre chicoteixeira

Se você se identifica com alguém que gosta de estudar, jogar futebol, correr e assistir quase todos os tipos de esportes, então você está no lugar certo. Aproveite o espaço para trocar ideias e interagir sobre os mais diversos assuntos.
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Uma resposta para Topic 3 – Hello again…

  1. Lotta Fröjdfeldt disse:

    Thank you for your thoughts. There could be a value of discussing collaboration and cooperation further as you suggest. You also mention motivation as important in team work and how to build a sense of belonging and purpose. This is really interesting issues that I’d like to hear more about. For example: How do you build true collaborative communities of practice? How do you make students feel the purpose? And more…

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