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Topic 4 – Sharing as a group

Hello again! Topic 4 was a great opportunity to share our impressions about Gilly Salmon’s five-step model allowing us to discuss some important prerequisites for digital literacy or knowledge construction with attention to online socialization and information exchange. Using Padlet … Continuar lendo

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Topic 3 – Hello again…

Hello again! About two months after ONL 191 course, here I am writing my point of view for topic 3. It is interesting come back to the concepts we studied together with our colleagues from Group 3 and this topic … Continuar lendo

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Topic 2 – Openness. Open Learning

It’s not a novelty for me sharing the resources and discussions I have with my students in my classes. I have already been doing that since the beginner of my academical trajectory in 2009, adopting this formidable tool for sharing … Continuar lendo

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Topic 1 – Online participation and digital literacy

It is not unusual in the present day to me to be surprised by something I don’t wait for. In topic 1 we had the opportunity to discuss many concepts, attitudes and point of views which have done an effect … Continuar lendo

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Enthusiastic about the ONL course

  Second week of course and already enjoying considerably all the benefits of interaction and exchange of knowledge of the virtual environment. I thought the opportunity to participate in the first meeting with the PBL group fantastic and I must … Continuar lendo

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Import successful!

Well done! You imported a post and all categories of the Open Networked Learning course homepage. You can edit or delete this post, then start blogging by creating a new post! You might also want to consider to connect your … Continuar lendo

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